march 16 and 19 classes + new requirement / by tyler galloway

both classes will largely be work days with desk crits, with a minor variant on each day.

march 16
interested freshmen will be doing a second department visit at 10:15, so i will be occupied from about 10:00 onward. 

new requirement: for march 19, you should have on your wall by your desk, a list of your final deliverables and a daily schedule showing tasks required to get you to your goal, which is a final project presentation on april 13. don't forget to allow time for the planning, design, and practice of that presentation, and don't forget to include check-in 3, which is march 26. i will check your work against your schedule on a regular basis to hold you accountable. 

march 19
at noon, alumnus terrance clark of thrive will speak about their design mentorship residency program, which sounds like an awesome "design for good" opportunity for nine months – from august '18 until may '19. 

beyond that, i expect to see new work from each of you for each class session. yay! keep making strong progress!