march 2 class // mid-term work-in-progress / by tyler galloway

[edited post]
class time will consist of mounting a work-in-progress panel in the hallway for each of you. the purpose of which is to

  • prove to yourself what you've made and use that as a momentum-builder
  • reflect on your progress and process of making things and assess what you've yet to do
  • use those gaps in making as a roadmap for your final weeks of the project

    each student will have roughly one 4x8' panel. there are eight in the entry area. two students can use the white wall and two students can use the corridoor hallway [flat panels]. the wall monitor is open for a slideshow of stills and you can bring pedestals up if needed. 

think of this as your wall space by your desk, just moved outside. use the mounting process to to recall where you've come and make discoveries of where you might go. look for new connections and combinations of ideas. 

we will also use this as a discussion-starter for individual meetings the monday after spring break, which will constitute your mid-term discussion with me. continue to add work for monday march 12th and beyond. 

what to put up
your question[s] as it currently stands. please show some care in giving it some basic typesetting or careful lettering.
publication work – a full map of your entire publication [full size, half size, or large-ish thumbnail prints], including blank pages/spreads. if it's an 80-page pub and you only have 40 pages made, i want to see where the gaps are.

digital work – print as many screens as makes sense. show storyboards, graphic studies, [site] maps and plans, etc. 

dimensional work – print mood boards, graphic panel studies, set out scale models and prototypes. 

other print work – any and all process of your type/image studies, brand architecture diagrams, contextual renderings/photoshop mock-ups, etc.

again, this is proof to yourself that you are making progress. don't fake your way through this. and have fun seeing where you've come so far.