feb 12 class / by tyler galloway

we are two weeks away from our second check-in.
we are two months [8 weeks away] from your project being done.
where are you in your process?

now is absolutely the time to be making things. designing at any level. you should absolutely be bringing in new things [yes that was plural] to every class from here on out. to not do so is to seriously jeopardize your grade for this class. research on an as-needed basis, to support what you are designing, to gain specific knowledge, or to uncover a new bit of content. remember that making should also be a thought process, a way of learning and testing [aka visual research] to move your ideas forward. make things freely, with joy, without judgement. critique them later. 

advisor check-in sheet linked here
reminder: i will need three of these for your outside advisor [or email documentation from them, if remote] and three from your faculty advisor. that's six total. integrate these meetings into your schedule now. consider staggering them so you have one a week for the next six to eight weeks.