jan 29 class / by tyler galloway

in class
discuss google article.

discuss feb 5 check-in. what is most useful to you for this milestone? can you invite your advisor[s]? i have a feeler out for a few guests if that is helpful.

related to the reading, prepare a calendar with the major semester milestones for all three studios – dp, sx, t4. for dp, include the check-ins and final crit, as well as final turn-in for show. start to fill in any detail you know at this point, based on your total project goal. for example, what do you hope to have completed for each check-in? that will start to establish more specific project goals and action steps within each goal. break it down!

desk crits and individual work time. 

new work
make sure you are prepared to discuss "making ideas happen", including multiple challenge questions as described in the project 10 brief from last term. 

work on your calendar with milestones, mentioned above.

make project work!!!!!

a random image for your personal enjoyment!

a random image for your personal enjoyment!