dec 1 class / by tyler galloway

in class

small group discussion over work in progress – Q&A final project
let's do four groups of three, staggered in 40 minute increments. when you are not in crit, you will be working hard on making progress. it will not be social hour. it will not be coffee time. 
8:00 – chris, jarkece, erin
8:40 – ashley, sarah, daisy
9:20 – y, caylie, steven
10:00 – justin, nicole, debbie

final crit format and thoughts
a similar situation to your MX crit. each project will have about 10 minutes total for critique. design for this interaction accordingly. consider your media needs, space needs (who you want where in 119. if you are presenting elsewhere, plan and communicate to others ahead of time), and physical technology needs, as well as transition time before and after your presentation. talk with your peers about your tech needs. it is always better to be concise in your presentation so you have plenty of time for discussion, with our guests leading the commentary and peers filling in as needed. tailor your presentation to them, keeping in mind that they know nothing about what you are doing. be prepared with questions to solicit feedback from our guests if there is a void in the conversation. finally, make sure all deliverables are emailed to me before the start of class

this will be your last opportunity to get some direction and feedback on where your degree project might go next. remember, you are in your degree project now. it is in process. you will continue a very similar process of researching, questioning, making, critting, and refining in the spring term. prepare your questions for your peers and guests with that in mind, and with the break in mind. you will have some down time for reflection on what you've done and what your next steps might be. 

finally, it will be smart to have all recent mix-n-match projects on hand for reference just in case the conversation goes there. it's important to be looking for common threads between your recent projects. this can be in print or digital form.

afternoon session
put up the show, yo!