nov 3 class / by tyler galloway

morning session

project 7 critique. same routine as project 6, so visit that post right here. we will focus even more heavily on your own questions about your work as a way to practice asking questions, particularly those about what graphic design/typography/branding/printing processes/participatory design/editorial design/motion graphics/sustainable design can do. please give some thought to your questions before critique.

assign and discuss new project. 

afternoon session

seft hunter talk at 12:30. seft is the executive director at communities creating opportunities, a non-profit whose mission is "organizing diverse communities and people of faith to realize their power, develop strong leaders, unite partners, and advance solutions to our connected challenges." seft has a lot of community connections and can help uncover local community-based issues that may be aided by graphic design, if you are inclined toward those things in your work.

reading group. please make sure you are keeping up with the reading. you should be to page 140 by now. i've found lots of valuable reminders in this text and hope you have too. 

typography lecture over character and paragraph styles and other stuff as desired.