rhetoric 4 / by tyler galloway

in class
small group crit over 15 new iterations and media approaches. discussion over additional supporting messages, media, and contexts. determine a final direction or two, and begin work on variations of those directions (or single direction). continue to consider the following:

  • media used in your rendering approach. there are hundreds of ways you could generate your imagery and typography for this. what are the meanings inherent in your media choices as it relates to your audience?

  • brevity of the message. what all is really needed to make your point?

  • a compelling "hook" to draw the viewer in, and the payoff of your statistic.

  • the role composition can play in creating a reading sequence – what is seen first, second, third.

new work for next class
continue working on variations of your final one or two ideas and commit to a final direction. at this point, your iterations should be formal [compositional play, details of rendering approach, etc] and the content and rhetorical approach should be pretty well set. make good use of your classmates for input during class time. perhaps showing someone new to get a first read from them.

blog: post your top two or three ideas you hope to pursue.