rhetoric 2 / by tyler galloway

in class

  • review reading.

  • group share of visual examples.

  • small group crt [groups of three and a group of two] over messaging and facts. decide on a solid final message and fact by the end of your discussion.

  • review of morphological analysis process. link to original lecture is here!

  • brainstorm on possible signs to use.

  • set up morphological analysis – 5×10, 6×8, 7×7 [signs × tropes], or similar, using a large sheet and post-its or paper+tape.

new work for next class

i will be out of town at a conference on friday, so no class. progress is still due [below] and i will also make a new post for friday. work wherever you want but know that there will be new work expected between friday and next monday.

  • minimum 50 unique ideas due. seriously.

  • blog: final written message and fact. photos showing your 50 iterations – shoot in groups of 5 or 10 ideas per image. ensure quality and decent lighting, please.

also, this personification!