comm theory crit format / by tyler galloway

this crit will be a criteria-based written critique. as you likely know, it's very time-efficient. first, before next class, save and post a jpg of your final communication model to your blog. also, print your final 11x17 and email me the press-ready pdf named according to specifications.

pin up your work in an organized fashion in 102 by noon. during class, you will be assigned two other projects for which you will provide written feedback. go to your classmates' blog [found here on the right sidebar], locate the post, and leave your critique as a comment. since we are working in pairs, simply copy-paste your comments to the second blog. 

take about 15 minutes or so for each peer. take a look at their work firsthand on the wall before writing about it – don't just look at the blog image. address issues we have been discussing – first, do you have a clear sense of the basic concepts at work? does the model accommodate multiple scenarios? if it is meant to be specific, does it have sufficient detail to warrant its specificity? is the labeling and relationships among components clear? can you make comparisons between different information areas and understand the macro/micro view? etc, etc

keep in mind that your critical commentary will count toward your class participation grade.