semiotics 6 // the map / by tyler galloway

in class
quick lap around studio to review initial maps.
what organizational strategies did you use?
what is the relationship between content and commentary?
what needs to be done, relative to the brief?

lightning round: connotations
pick a sign that will be good to run through a range of visual connotations.
the class will have 30 seconds to brainstorm/sketch ideas for each of the following connotations:
fluffy, handmade, naive, official, minimal, friendly, terrifying, high-tech, medieval, calm, adorable, clean, old-fashioned, rigid, scary, whimsical.

make make make! – polish up your favorite signs, work out a range of connotations for some, refine your anchorage and relay, refine your mapping strategies, make and label paradigmatic shifts within a sign, and re-check the brief to make sure you're delivering everything you're supposed to. 

listen to the 99% invisible podcast in the other post from today – just above this one – on symbols and identity from tom geismar.

crit will be in one week – monday feb 11