semiotics // learning summary / by tyler galloway

consult the project brief for specific deliverables, all due on monday feb 11 before noon. if you are making an analog final project, produce a high-quality photograph [not a cell phone shot] of your final work and email me that image in lieu of the pdf deliverable. don’t forget the multiple blog posts.

crit format
we will be doing the "kriss kross" (aka backwards) crit this time around. each student will have their work critiqued by a peer first, then have a chance to address those criticisms. each student has eight minutes total – four minutes for peer input and four minutes for rebuttal or clarification. this is not as much about prepping a presentation as it is about having clear work to begin with, so your classmates' interpretation of it is accurate.

comments will focus on the tasks at hand – how wide-ranging is the visual language? does it include an adequate mix of found and made signs? is the terminology present and clearly written? how clear is the visual ordering of the information? how well do you understand the world of semiotic analysis by looking at this information?