sept 7 class / by tyler galloway

in class
discuss readings

talk on receptivity gradient

i will be sharing all of your initial problem/question statement with seft and hector/karen so they are aware of what you are doing, and so seft can begin to link you to community resources and partners to further your work. don't sit around and wait for that though – do whatever you can to make progress on the issue. 

new work
wed sept 12: make mucho progress on understanding the three biggies – context, audience, and issue/problems – as a way of understanding your problem, and the right questions to ask.

wed sept 19: deliver a research document outlining your current, and hopefully much more nuanced, understanding of context, audience, issue/problems. media / format is open and this will not be presented. you are free to share in small groups, but it needs to get into my hands in some way.