sept 12 class / by tyler galloway

in class
brief meetings with each project group. see notes below.

work time – field work, research, desk crits, as needed. 

cco: seft is planning on sending a doodle poll to set up times to meet with each of you to review your problem statement. do anything you can in the meantime to make progress. seft did not respond to my suggestion for a neighborhood tour so it may be advisable to do a self-guided tour. we can talk as a group if you want, about whether that's useful and how you might make useful observations as primary research.

ecosarc: i have not heard back from hector or karen, beyond getting hector's presentation. let me know if you need hector or karen's email and i will provide it. i do not want to inundate them with a bunch of extra emails, so think before you contact them. beyond that, you have the entire kcai community to draw from for primary research, and lots of resources for secondary research. 

new work
no class friday sept 14. see below and, as usual, make good use of your time. 

friday sept 14: do the readings for friday and answer questions on your blog. see this week's reading post. 

wed sept 19: deliver a research document outlining your current, and hopefully much more nuanced, understanding of context, audience, issue/problems. media / format is open and this will not be presented. you are free to share in small groups, but it needs to get into my hands in some way.