schedule // final weeks / by tyler galloway

below is a general schedule for the remainder of the semester. details to come on some specifics for the more specific days.

oct 26 - friday
discuss readings.
watch “objectified”.
in terms of your project work, make sure you are collecting new audience feedback and refining prototypes, adding detail, making them more “real” and building out a complete system of artifacts that shape behavior[s]. how participatory are you making your process and / or outcomes? has the audience had much input in shaping your work? how much have you actually talked with your audience?

oct 31
- wednesday
informal work-in-progress class crit, to make up for the one i missed last week. i will be asking the participation question above about each project. about 15 minutes max per project team.

assign sustainability readings.

nov 2 - friday
discuss sustainability readings.

possible video presentation from thrive.

desk crits as time allows.

nov 7 - wednesday
field work. design refinements and presentation preparation. assign studio reports [assignments forthcoming].

the goal of your report is to inform your classmates of the existence of this studio and summarize their contributions to this area of design practice. 10 minutes total per report. plan for around 7-ish minutes for your report and 3 minutes for feedback / q&a. determine the best media for your report, given our context of the classroom and a 14 person audience. 

nov 9 - friday
give studio reports. this will be awesome.

nov 14 - wednesday
work time + desk crits – presentation preparation. 
today is the last class session before presentation.

nov 16 - friday
final project presentations.
8 projects at 17 min each.
deliverable due by 5pm: pdf with high-quality images and presenter notes. filename: lastname–lastname-lastname-va-finalPres.pdf

nov 21wednesday
deliverable due by midnight: final proposal packet. file or folder name: lastname-lastname-lastname-va-finalProposal.pdf or similar. ask me if you have multiple files or need to modify in some way.

nov 21 / 23
no class - thanksgiving.

nov 28 - wednesday
project documentation – work on portfolio website.
include project title, description, image + caption-based narrative, set up consistently with the rest of your portfolio.

nov 30 - friday
end of semester show prep.

deliverables due by 5pm today:
- email with url of your portfolio documentation.
- high res photos of your project work. context photos of physical objects are preferred, flat artwork of graphics, photoshop simulations, or any other form of visuals are also encouraged.

dec 5 - wednesday
senior dp proposals, 8ish to 3ish. details to come.