website setup! / by tyler galloway

on aug 28, we will look at web hosting for your wordpress site. you will need three elements:

1. a domain name
the internet address you type in to get to a webpage. also known as the "url" [uniform resource locator]. your domain name will ideally be, which can be purchased from the same company that hosts your website. i'm recommending bluehost, but there are others that are highly rated as well – inmotion hosting and hostgator.

2. a web host
"hosting" means placing and storing all of the computer files that make up your website on a particular computer [server] that the company owns and maintains. see bluehost, inmotion, and hostgator above for pricing. you'll want to look at prices for wordpress hosting. monthly prices are usually based on you paying for a full year up front. bluehost looks to be $3/month for their basic wordpress hosting, which would be about $36 annually. if you pay month-to-month, it's usually a few bucks more per month. you will want the most basic wordpress plan. don't get fancy/expensive. 

3. a website creation tool with a content management system [cms]. 
we will use wordpress is an online, open source website creation tool. hundreds of people have designed website templates using wordpress that you can modify, once you install the files on your web host. they range from free to expensive. 

browse through the links above and get a sense of costs for a domain name and web hosting. wordpress is free. yay! be ready in class to take the plunge to do this, so bring your laptop and a credit or debit card. let me know if you cannot afford this and we will figure out a workaround. just know that you will eventually need your own site and domain name when you graduate so you look legit on the job hunt. might as well start practicing that now.