nov 28 class / by tyler galloway

in class
finish up motion crit – 8 minutes per student.

discuss the criteria-based presentation you just gave.

if you have not done so, send me your final video[s] please. filename: [or .mp4]

group discussion and / or desk crits as needed on project re-dos and sophomore review.

make sure your blog is updated with all relevant process work from all project 3 studies – 2d, 3d, and motion.

new work
practice your presentation before monday! make sure it is an appropriate length, you can deliver it confidently and comfortably, and, most importantly, that you concisely express key learning from this semester. see the three options on the review brief for how you might talk about your learning.

refine your presentation space as needed between friday pm and monday am. re-print, re-arrange, tidy, etc.