nov 19 class / by tyler galloway

in class
book club! read “the politics of design” pp 170–189.

motion crit: 8 minutes per student
4 minutes to show work and address very specifically how you are using motion and/or time to communicate your attributes beyond what a still image can do. also state any of your own questions you formed and describe how you tried to answer them.
4 minutes for class-wide peer feedback on how well your peer was able to utilize motion and/or time to communicate their attributes.

send me your final video[s] please. filename: [or .mp4]

new work
process blogs: i checked these recently and they span the full range from excellent [updated work, good quality photos, commentary on the work] to non-existent. remember, this is averaged into your process grade [alongside desk crits and group crits that i observe], which is 30% of your final grade. make time to update your process blog with:

  • selections of your best process work on line, shape, texture, color, form, space

  • semi-final ideas [top 3 or 4] and final of your symbol.

  • semi-final ideas [top 3 or 4] and final of your form. please consider light, angle, color cast, and background when photographing. i will be looking at the craft of your images.

  • process and final on your motion studies. this can include thumbnail drawings or storyboards, semi-final movies, and final movie.

next week is dedicated to project re-works. some ideas:

  • determine a project that will benefit the most from improvement and refine that. move on to the next once you are done.

  • go back and look at the range on your symbol x 100 project, adding in more meaningful ideas or take into account the formal range you have learned in image class.

  • consider craft and presentation quality across all projects – re-draw, re-photograph, or re-build as needed to make as professional as possible.

  • look at unity across all three mini-projects on this third project. do they hold together well as a series?

  • talk to me if you need suggestion here. the main point is that you demonstrate high motivation to improve your work. you have a full week to do this, so improvements should be apparent in final reviews.