nov 14 class / by tyler galloway

in class
edwing mendez in class!

discuss sophomore review.

small group crits on work in progress.
keep in mind the primary questions i’ve posed to you:
how can time-based media be leveraged to enhance your attributes beyond what a still image or text can do? what can time and/or motion do that still imagery and text cannot? how might you design a time-based, 2d experience that embodies all three attributes of your object? 
you are also encouraged to develop your own more specific questions within my queries. if you are clear about those questions you’re asking at this time and during final critique, that will definitely move you into B and A territory for this phase of the project – above and beyond the baseline expectations.

individual work time.

9:50 work as a group to re-set the room for edwing’s lecture.

10:00 edwing mendez “design diversity” lecture

new work
next class will be a group critique over your motion studies. each student will have 8 minutes total: 4 minutes for viewing work and verbal presentation and 4 minutes for peer input.
we’ll do a “crit crit” format – criteria-based critique for both presentation and comments. when you present the work, address very specifically how you are using motion or time to communicate your attributes beyond what a still image can do. also state any of your own questions you formed and describe how you tried to answer them. class-wide student feedback will center on those same criteria.

book club! read “the politics of design” pp 170–189.