oct 8 class / by tyler galloway

in class
define the elements of design. how do we reach a collective agreement?
- form
- line
- texture
- shape
- color
- space / size / direction

determine schedule for the coming week or two, knowing we are shooting for an oct 29 or 31 deadline.

determine how to document this work. what form might be best? digital? printed?

hey! we have some definitions! check it:
form: an object appearing to, or enclosing volume, depth, height, and width within a space through geometric or organic ways.

line: the representation of a point’s path through space that has a mass with an implied direction and a noticeably longer length than width.

texture: the tangible or perceived feeling of a tactile surface

shape: a confined visual mass with two dimensions.

color: the effect of different sensations on the eye as a result of an object’s reflective or light properties and the relationship between hue, value, and intensity.

space: the positive or negative area within which all things exist by the dimensions of height, depth, and width.

new work
read “the politics of design” pp 110–127.

continue making work, based on our collectively defined schedule.