oct 17 class / by tyler galloway

in class
brief shape lecture

small group crit on a range semi-final symbol designs. the goal here is to narrow to a final solution that you can refine.

post your semi-final symbols to your blog.

work time / desk crits

new work for next class

refinements and production work on final symbol – one black and white, one color. final production in illustrator is recommended. if producing in photoshop [still fine], to retain texture/handmade feel, i recommend your final art be around 10” wide or tall at 300 dpi.

print two finals – one color and one black and white – on 8.5 x 11 vertical cardstock. use this linked template. replace the dummy text with your attributes and name. replace the placeholder circles with your design scaled to approximately the same size. the small symbol should be 20% of the large logo. copy and scale to 20%.