university of kansas 2014–15

Introduces the discipline of designing for dynamic media (i.e., internet, on screen, multi-media.) Emphasis will be placed on concept development and on the fundamental principles of information hierarchy, user experience, navigation strategies, site development and site architecture. Projects, lectures and tutorials will provide a working knowledge of current tools and techniques, while exploring the issues of narrative structure, rhythm, space, animation, sound, and video.

view online course documents: course syllabus // project briefs // daily blog


as a result of this course, students will:

  1. develop an engaging, appropriate and consistently-applied concept for a website.
  2. understand and properly apply the web planning and architecture tools of sitemaps and wireframes.
  3. visually demonstrate basic web usability principles through interesting and consistent site navigation, writing, information hierarchy, composition, and other visual means. 
  4. create a properly functioning website using adobe muse.
  5. demonstrate understanding of interactivity concepts across media and space
  6. design a compelling and connected experience in both physical and virtual spaces
  7. transfer their understanding of navigation strategies, site architecture and narrative structure into an appropriate digital and physical sequence.
  8. demonstrate visual skills in information hierarchy and composition in print and on screen [text, image, animation, sound, video, etc]
  9. creatively enhance person-to-person, person-to-object, and/or person-to place relationships.
  10. demonstrate the ability to design for multiple devices at a basic level and/or include device-appropriate features.
  11. visually demonstrate new approaches to interface design while respecting basic web usability principles.


project 1: the online museum of... // objectives 1–4

view working student examples: kylie vandeven // megan snelten // elizabeth hurley // joel mann

project 2: poverty exhibit // objectives // objectives 5–8

winner of a $500 service learning mini-grant from the KU Center for Civic and Social Responsibility, Fall 2015. below are excerpts from the proposal by the winning design team, which was exhibited at the Lawrence Public Library on Nov 14, 2015.

project 3: virtu/real relationship building // objectives 9–11